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June 29, 2013
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“Well, this didn't work...” Said a good friend of yours as she narrowed her eyes, looking around the wooded area. The silence in the air was eerie and the only noise was the wind blowing lightly, messing your hair up slightly. Smoothing it out a bit you looked up at the blonde who sighed disappointed and crossed something out in her black book she was holding.

Nodding you hummed in agreement “What exactly were you expecting?” You asked looking up at her from your sitting position. She acted like if she didn't hear your answer, or maybe she did but in instead of answering you she just kept looking around slowly. Completing full circle she finally shrugged and looked at you with the calm eyes of hers.

“I don't know...” She started in monotone “Something... I guess.” Shaking your head you lifted your hand towards her. Hesitating a moment she helped you up and looked around once more.

The two of you picked up the 12 pages from the forest floor and hid them in your bag. “Your paranoia is getting worse and worse with every second that passes.” You said sighing, a light smile on your lips as you watched her face change.

“That isn't funny.” She said pushing you lightly; laughing you pushed her back earning a chuckle and another push. After few more pushes her smile dropped and she clenched the book to her chest “But honestly.. This isn't funny.” Whispering she looked down at the muddy shoes. “ I just need to know why.”

Nodding you began walking out of the woods with her following behind. It takes a while to walk back to your house and you knew that your friend was going to be silent for the rest of the way unless you started a conversation, so that's what you did.

Turning your head back your gaze landed on the black book of hers. She was always scribbling something in there and every time you tried to take a peek she closed it before you even came anywhere near. It seemed as if she was protecting something that was in there or there was something she didn't want anyone else to see.

Wanting to know what there is you tried many things like getting the book away from her when she was sleeping at your house, or vice versa, or creeping up on her and sneak a peek and other things like that. Non of it worked though, most of the time she kept the book close to her, even when she was sleeping, if not she hid it somewhere; she managed to hide it somewhere in your house before and no matter how hard or long you tried you couldn't find it. And you knew your house like the back of your hand.

Thinking like that made you wonder about any other options of getting the book. After few seconds you mentally facepalmed. She told you nearly everything you asked. She told you about why she is the way she is. She told you that she is paranoiac about something and that you are the only person who knows. All you had to do is just ask.

'Hm... Why not just ask?' You wondered. With a determination you formed the question in your head, careful not to hurt her emotions. Repeating it few times in your head you nodded and looked over at her. “Hey Sand-”

“Night.” She corrected.

“Right.” Nodding you continued. “Night, I've been wondering for a while...” You trailed of uncertain whether to as her or not.

“Are you going to ask about my name?”

That question made you stop for a while before continuing; maybe asking about something else first will be better. “That too.” Turning to face where you were walking you realised you were nearing the forest exit. “Why don't you like your name?”

A chuckle reached your ears as she lowered her gaze down. “...Reasons... One of them is that it was given to me by someone I hate..” Humming you patted her back trying to cheer her up. “What's the next question.”

This was your chance. She willingly answered the question on the subject she hated to talk about. 'It's now or never'. “What... Is in that book of yours.”

Her eyes widened for a second before coming back to normal, hoping you wouldn't notice. Her hands began to shake and to cover it up she tightened the grip on the book. “L-Look I can see the bus stop already.” You looked at the direction she pointed at. “Now, only get the bus a-and-” Stopping she looked ahead of her.

“The bus!” Shouting in unison the two of you broke into a run, waving your hands about for the bus to stop.

Panting slightly both of you took the tickets out of your pockets and showed it to the bus driver who only pointed to the right, telling you that you can go in.

“Yey, we made it~” Night laughed sitting next to you. “I didn't want to be late again.”

Smiling back you sat back and relaxed, closing your eyes. “Wake me up when we have to get out.”

“Aye ma'am.” She saluted, although you couldn't see it. Biting her lip she looked at you then back out of the window. Something was not right.

~~~~Time skip~~~~

Night nudged you in your left arm few times only to get a grunt as a response. “Sleeping beauty. Wake up. We're here” She said making you open your eyes.

Shaking your head you got up, stretching. “I knew tha-..Wait.” You weren't in the bus any more but at your house. “How..?” You stared at your friend dumbstruck.

“I carried you here.” She laughed. “You aren't as heavy as you look” Smirking at you she stuck her tongue out.

“Hey!” You shouted pushing her.

“Hey.” She copied you cocking her head to the left. “And I say...~”

“Oh no. Please don't si-”

“Heyeyeyeye~ Heyeyeye~ I say Hey~ What's goi- mnhph!”

“Aha!” Crossing your arms you grinned down at your blonde friend, you just stuffed a small pillow into her mouth to prevent her from singing any more. “That's what you get for singing that song.”

Taking the pillow out Night fake choked. After a small fit she had she threw the pillow straight at your face. “And that's what you get for stuffing things into my mouth.”

This somehow ended up with a huge pillow fight after which the two of you were nearly falling asleep.

Yawning you laughed as Night copied your yawn. “ So yawning really is contentious”

“Aye.” She nodded looking at the ceiling. “Let's go to bed already.”

Agreeing you hosted her up off the floor and got covers and watched as she set them up on the floor, next to your bed, and snuggled into them. Laying down yourself you closed your eyes, not being bothered to change clothes.

A light coming from the floor made you open your eyes and looking down you faceplamed collapsing back onto the pillow “You're going to record the night again?” You didn't have to ask, you already knew the answer.

“Yus.” Setting the camera on the table so it was facing the two of you she made sure everything was

the way it had to be. After few minutes she finally turned the camera to night vision and got into her 'bed'.

The other thing that made Night weird, other then the unknown reason for her paranoia, paranoia itself and the black book -which you secretly thought was actually a Death Note- was the camera. She recorded things from time to time for no reason. She explained it to you as a 'hobby' but you knew that there was more to it.

“Goodnight.” She said yawning .

“Night night, Night.” You answered tiredly. Chuckling at what you said Night sat up and patted your head twice.

“Don't let the bed bugs bite you.” She smiled at you, knowing that you're fast asleep again. “Stay safe..”

~~~P.O.V. Change.~~~

Tossing and turning I couldn't find a comfortable position. After a while I gave up, It's not like I'm going to fall asleep anyway. Sighing I sat up and closed my eyes, a light sigh escaped my lips as I just sat there trying to at least feel tired.

Minutes passed and something felt odd, like if something changed the atmosphere. Turning to the right I opened my eyes looked at [y/n] who was sleeping peacefully on her bed. No, it wasn't her.

Trying to figure out what it was I put on my glasses and sat there, staring at the wall opposite me, listening for any small noise to confirm my feelings. For a while I thought it was just my imagination but looking around the room I still felt slightly uneasy- like if something was going to happen soon.

Deciding that it was just my paranoia I slowly got up, stretching, making few bones click in the process. I was told to take my pills, either on the set time or when I felt the paranoia getting to me, and that's what I was going to do.

Heading towards the door I stopped to look back at the camera. If anything is going to happen I'll know. Picking it up I exited [y/n]'s bedroom and walked down the hall to the living room/kitchen, holding the camera in my right hand tightly.

I walked slowly, trying not make any noise with my bare feet. I did that a lot, telling myself that if I hear any footsteps it wouldn't be me. In the matter of seconds I reached the kitchen and walked towards the cupboard where [y/n] kept medicine; and with that medicine she kept my pills for the time of me staying over- which was few more days, I came to visit her since we didn't see each other for over a year and I decided to pay her a visit.

I set the camera down on the table so it would face me and searched through the medicine. Succeeding to find what I was looking for I took a glass out and, being the lazy ass I am, filled it with tap water.

Deciding that few sleeping pills won't hurt I took them out too and swallowed few of them along with my medication. 'Its not like they're going to work anyway...' I thought to myself finishing the water and filled the glass up again.

As the water was filling up my head snapped up towards the window, I thought I saw something with the corner of my eye. I stood there for a while before deciding to ignore it and stopping the water. Humming silently I picked up my camera and headed back towards [y/n]'s bedroom while sipping the water.

'The sleep pills are working' I thought to myself as a sudden headache came crushing on me like a lightning. Usually after taking them I got a headache, it was probably the way my body reacted to them; either that or the side effect of mixing the paranoia thing pills with any other kind of medication. They told me not to do it but, oh well.

The air changed and the sudden wave of coldness surrounded me, it was coming from where I just came. I stopped walking, my hands began to shake, tightening the grip on both things in my hands I slowly turned around.

There, in front of me was standing the thing who've been following me since as long as I remember. It wore a black suit and a red tie. It was pale, paler then me- I myself am unnaturally pale for a human but this.. It's skin was so pale, it nearly looked like plastic. And that face. That face which was haunting my dreams and thoughts. But there was no face..

Biting my bottom lip I inhaled, trying to control the fear. I never was sure if it was real or not, maybe it was just my paranoia, maybe it was real, I don't know.

Straightening up I pointed my camera at his head, where the face should be. Managing to cover the fear I slowly sipped the water, every minute of staring at it made my headache worse.

I stared at it and it stared back at me. It was like a staring war but it had no eyes, so I was the only one staring. Minutes passed and, to my surprise, I found myself chuckling slightly. “Is this it Mr. Tall?” I whispered smirking. When I was still a child I thought of a name for him, it suited him so that's what I decided to call him from then on. “Are you going to take me now?” Finishing the water my smirk faded “Are you going to kill me or... Take me with you?”

I didn't get the answer right away, as it just stood there, it's 'stare' burning holes into my soul. I waited patiently, recording every second of this.

Finally, it moved it's hand, as if motioning something towards me, or something that was behind me. I took a quick glance behind me to see nothing. As I turned again he wasn't there any more but instead there was someone else.

By the shape of that person's body I knew it was a male, he was a taller then me and had hair up to his shoulders. He could be not older than 17. The only other thing I could work out was his scar on his face and his weird eyes looking at me.

I could make out his smile too, widening as he looked at me and taking a step forward. Taking a step back I began shaking again as he took one more step towards me. I've never seen this person before and I didn't like him one bit.

The bedroom door was open and with the corner of my eyes I could see Mr. Tall near [y/n]'s bed, staring at her. With the matter of seconds he was closer to her, leaning over her. “Leave her alone!” I shouted, turning ready to run towards both of them. Before I could do anything though I was hold back by the stranger.

“Oh no... You won't disturb.” The raspy whisper reached by ears as the stranger tightened his grip. I could hear the smile in his voice.

“Let me go!” I shouted trying to get away.

Humming he watched the scene in front of us. Mr. Tall looking at [y/n], his hand stroking her cheek. She didn't seem to feel anything, I wasn't surprised, [y/n] wasn't a light sleeper, it was hard to wake her up sometimes.

“Mmm... I wish I could...” The stranger spoke again.

“W-Why?” I asked, my voice shaking. I didn't want [y/n] to be hurt. “P-Please leave her out of this. It's me you want.”

“Yes, you too.” He chuckled. Time passed and I looked down, managing to point the camera at where [y/n] and Mr. Tall were.

“Who.. Are you? Why... Why are y-”

“You may call me The Gazer, Scarred or...” He paused for a second, seeming to hesitate. “... Just call me The Gazer.”

I felt the headache get worse again and I looked up to see Mr. Tall standing near the bedroom door, he stood and stared at the person that hold me from moving. ' It's time for us to go Phi-'

“DON'T CALL ME BY MY NAME!” The Gazer shouted out at the tall man.

'Fair enough.' He said, or at least it sounded like he's saying it but he had no mouth. Looking down at me he spoke again 'I'll be back for what I need.'

The Gazer chuckled “Without me you'll have nightmares, so I'll be back too.”

'Next time though, if I won't get it I won't be so nice.' And just like that they were gone, everything was gone; them, the house, everything went black.

Panting I shot up, looking around I tried to calm myself down. My hands were shaking, the first thing I thought of was the camera but I found it where I left it in the evening. It was all a dream, I thought, it was all just a dream but yet again, I couldn't force myself to believe it

'What exactly happened? What was in the dream? Why am I so scared? Why did I woke up panting? Why do my wrists hurt?' Thoughts rushed through my head as tried to find an explanation. One question though hit me hard.

'Where did [y/n] go? '

done, finally~ 
this is a request for my new friend :iconwhisper2k11:
well its more like a trade thing since i wrote something for her and she drew something for me~

i dont exactly think thats what she meant when she said 'slenderman x reader' though
i hope this isnt that bad but i couldnt think of anything better at the moment

First: youre here stupid

anyway i hope you enjoyed
have a nice day, friend :iconsupguyplz:
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